CV/Work Experience

Name: Steffen Dalgaard Christensen

Work Experience: 
2014-2015 Animator and Storyboard artist 2nd Studio(various projects)

2013-2014 Bachelor Project "Tsunami" (Nominated for the Cannes Film Festival) - Animator, 2D Animatic Editor, Sound Conception Supervisor
The National School of Denmark Collaboration Project "Hole"- Animator

2013 Commercial Project for Roskilde Festival organization "Change"- Animation Lead

2011-2013 Several short films and minor projects as part of the education at The Animation Workshop which includes both 2D and 3D projects

Relevant Education: 

2011-2015 Bachelor in Animation at The Animation Workshop

The Drawing Academy (knowledge of anatomy and drawing)

Software Experience:

-Autodesk Maya
-Adobe Flash
-Adobe Premiere
-Adobe After Effects
-Blender Animation Program
-Adobe Photoshop

Language Experience:

Danish: Native

English: Fluent

Spanish: Limited

French: Limited

German: Limited

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