onsdag den 9. april 2014

søndag den 6. april 2014

This is one of the animation test i did on our commercial project, we had 4 weeks and i was animation lead with Christoffer Kramme as director, overall it was a good experience.
AAaand as a bonus my final 1st year exam..

tirsdag den 1. april 2014

Aaaaaand Der Vogel, an animated short some of us did during 2nd semester, a lot of fun and some cool designs.

The Shots i animated for our Commercial Project, it was an interesting experience working with a client for the first time. And it was nice to get into 2D again Plus... Pirates!
Not much to say, great fun to paint and Pirates are awesome.


Doggie runcycle i did during my first year as an experiment, i wanted to explore the physcality and movemnt of something with four legs